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Things to Know About TA:K - This Tutorial explains some bugs that can occur in a modder's life.

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Description/Explanations of some TA:K files formats.

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How does the name of the maps work? (please, let's keep it neat)

How to use TA:K Switcher?

How to install total conversion mods?

How to find TA:K for GameRanger?

How to make the graphics/effects look better in TA:K?

How to make my Campaigns' Movies work?

How to Give and Share a % of your Mana with your Ally

All Console & Cheat Codes

Q: Does your Setups come with both campaigns?

A: Depends the version you are downloading, the only that comes with ONLY The Book of Darien campaign, is the .img file of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, the others include both campaigns.

Q: My TA:K is saying I need the CD to play Campaign?

A: Or you use the CD files to emulate a CD, or the KingNoCD.exe file instead of Kingdoms.exe, or play with TA:K Switcher. KingNoCD.exe is avaiable here: Download. Just put both files in the .rar file (KingNoCD.exe and KingNoCD.icd) into your TA:K folder and open it.

Q: How can I mount the CD images to install?

A: You will need a program to mount the images, the most popular program is Daemon Tools.

Q: Does the "All Maps Pack" really come with all maps?

A: No, it doesn't come with all maps, just the most of them.

Q: How can I play online?

A: First, you need install Gameranger and make an account, then, if you already have installed TA:K on the default directory (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms) and installed v4.1 version, maybe you need show gameranger where is it... How? You go to gameranger, click in Edit tab, then Options. Find TA:K and TA:K Iron Plague, and click in "Browse...", go to its default directory and click twice in Kingdoms.exe. Now, you are ready, host a room and in some hours (joking, but it should take a time xD) will appear someone.

Q: How can I play mods or races online?

A: You can play mods or races online by TA:K Switcher (by IP), or by gameranger. To play mods/races online by TA:K Switcher (IP), you will need a program that "simulate" that you are in LAN with your partner, the most popular is Hamachi. Create a network with Hamachi and make your partner join in, Hamachi will create new IPs for you use it as IP Adress in the game. To play by gameranger, you need put your mod/race in the default TA:K directory, then, remove kingdoms.key file (make it as backup for later), and launch game.

TA:K Main Forum - This is our principal forum, it is currently active. You must be logged there to download or post something.

Sage's Skydrive - Sage's Skydrive, it is a very useful site with lots of downloads.

Spagg's Site - Spagg's site, another good site with lots of downloads and tips.

VDTAUnits - This is a TA site with some useful Utilities that work with TA:K.

AngelFire - This site is a site with lots of sites that could help you. XD

Trouvere's Total Annihilation Kingdoms Page - A site with some information and some downloads.

VisualDesigns - This site contains explanations of some of TA and TA:K extension files, and some downloads.

KingdomsZone - This is a site made by TF-Lord-hawk-claw, with lots of downloads, and some information, it also includes the famous Ultimate TA:K Pack 1.0.

MultiMania TA:K French - A french website with lots of tools, units, and more downloads.

Original TA/TA:K Reference Bible - This is the original TA/TA:K Reference Bible, it contains lots of informations and tutorials.

TA:K Reference Bible - Alternative for original TA/TA:K reference bible, but, it only includes the TA:K part.

TA Universe TA:K Page - Nice site with lots of nice pictures made by "TA:K's artists".

Total Annihilation Design Group - A site with lots of downloads, some of them are offline, but there are lots of available useful downloads.

These are the sites that helped me, and it should help you too. ;D

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