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Total Annihilation Kingdoms\' Setups

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TA:K Reloaded Mod 1.0 Beta

- 4mb

More Information:

Conflict of Arda 2.0

- 4mb

• Lord of the Rings Tracks •

- You can download the musics to keep up with the mod, I've separated them in high, medium and low qualities, so that you can choose which one you can get with fast(high) or slow(low) internet speed.

High Quality Musics (478mb) -

Medium Quality Musics (249mb) -

Low Quality Musics (105mb) -


I've improved this awesome mod... Because it's awesome! xD

I added Music, that can be downloaded separately, I fixed some bugs, and balanced somethings. I will be updating this often.

You should install moving the musics' files, to %KingdomsPath%\Music.

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