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Hey, guys! I'm DeeKay (DK) and in this site I'm going to put all TA:K Stuff that I have and I know.

If you have any doubt or suggestion, leave a message in the chat above or contact me by e-mail or anything else here: Contact!

-The site will be translated to the following languages: English (already is, I put American's flag because my english is american, not british), Portuguese-Brazil, Spanish and German.

I'm not dead guys, lol, just lazy to keep updating this "changes" part , but I'm still active, contact me by going to: Contact. Or just write something in the chat above and I'll answer you asap.

• 06/24/15


-Bye DropBox, you used to be useful when my links worked, fuck you.

-Hello MediaFire, welcome to my site, I hope you don't disable my download links like Dropbox did. :)

-Copy, you're the only one I believe, please, don't be like the others and don't start removing my public links, doing that you'll always be my Link 1 option <3.

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